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As lifelong foodies, we moved back to the area two years ago after a good few years abroad (where we spent a lot of that time dispelling myths about how bad English food is!!) 


Expat life definitely helped our cooking skills - when we got homesick we learned to make the things we missed, from hot cross buns, clotted cream to bacon and sausages - but that's a whole different story!   

We are so lucky in Winchester to have have so many brilliant foodie businesses, and we like to help promote them by eating their food, and featuring them here and across our social platforms (mostly FB and IG, rarely on Twitter).   

Please note, we never approach companies and and ask if we can review things, it's really not our style or what we are about .  We like to support our foodie friends and actually pay for our food!!    If someone approaches us and asks us to review something for them, then we are often happy to do so, but we will always be honest and tell you here.   Please rest assured we never accept monetary payment to write about a restaurant or product.    

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