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Grilled Peaches with Amaretto

I am not sure about you, but I only want to eat salad in these temperatures, preferably outside with a glass of something chilled. You never know how long an English Summer is going to last so you absolutely have to make the most of it. Mr Winchester Eats it seems cannot sit outside for dinner and not light the barbecue however, so in a bid to placate him when supper's salad-based, he gets to make these... That's OK though, because they are so good I tend to buy peaches for this exact reason.

The following is based on a River Cafe recipe, but we've adapted it over the years....

Serves 4 (or two greedy people who have only had salad for tea):

4 ripe peaches cut in half and stones removed (of course);

2 tablespoons vanilla sugar;

100ml Amaretto

To Serve:


20ml Amaretto

Icing sugar

Preheat your cooker's oven to 180degC for the 2nd stage of cooking.

Fire up your bbq and get the (cleaned!) grate really hot. Lightly oil the grill and slap the peach halves cut side down onto the grate. As soon as you've got some nice charred lines you can transfer the peaches to an oven proof dish and splash on the Amaretto. Sprinkle the soaked peaches with the vanilla sugar and pop into the oven to cook until softened right up. Probably more than 10mins...While the peaches are cooking you can sweeten the marscapone with icing sugar and mix in enough Amaretto to get a nice consistency.

Take the cooked peaches out of the dish and place into serving bowls.

Use a little Amaretto to deglaze the oven dish and create a syrup. Whisk in a chunk of butter for extra decadence. Pour over the peaches and finish with a spoonful of the marscapone mixture.

Enjoy !



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