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Wineutopia Wednesday - Camino De La Cabana Sauvignon Blanc & Spaghetti Vongole

Quick the sun's back out, everyone back outside... I only tend to drink something like a Sauvignon when it is so this was a lucky pick from the Wineutopia Wineclub box today!

Tasting notes included describe it as "12.5% Vol and using 100% Sauvignon Blanc Grapes, this combines to make a delicious and dry wine with refreshing acidity" I definitely got melon and gooseberry notes with a hint of honey... The notes go on to say goes perfectly with vegetarian-based dishes, goats cheese and shellfish... I liked this wine, and it went really well with the Spaghetti Vongole I paired it with. Available as part of the case or individually at Wine Utopia (don't forget my code WinchesterEatsWineClub10 for 10% off any purchase in-store or online!)...

This dish isn't normally my domain, and I will admit to it being the first time I made it myself (Mr Winchester Eats would NEVER have mixed linguine and spaghetti, but needs must!), but as it's super fast to make (if you discount the soaking of the clams) (from Thyme and Tides) and pretty tasty too! I would definitely make it again... This recipe is a combination of Jamie Oliver's Vongole Recipe and Nigella's as her's didn't have the cherry tomatoes...

500g clams;

250g spaghetti

2 cloves garlic,

2 tbs Olive Oil

15 chopped cherry tomatoes.

half teaspoon chilli flakes (I like this spicy!);

80 mls of white wine;

a small handful of chopped flatleaf parsley;

Soak the clams while the water for the pasta boils, discard any that are open (check for clam shells that only contain mud too, there are often a few of those).

Cook the pasta until al dente and a few minutes before this stage heat the oil in another pan then add the garlic, cherry tomatoes, chilli flakes, salt and pepper and parsley stalks. When the garlic starts to change colour, add the clams and the wine. Give the pan a shake and put the lid on. Cook for around 4 minutes until all the clams are cooked through and the shells have all opened (discard any that haven't).

Drain the cooked pasta, add a splash of olive oil, the rest of the parsley and the clams, tomatoes and garlic.

Make sure it's all mixed through and serve straight away. I also don't care what anyone says, if you want Parmesan with this, go for it.


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